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Automated electrochemical activated water generators for your production process

At Aquaox, they offer various electrochemical activated water generators that produce disinfectants and surfactant that is not harmful to the environment and human health. With their machines, you improve the overall health within your facility, whether you work in the food processing, the agriculture or another industry. You can use their systems as a stand alone unit or as an integrated part in your production process. Thanks to these machines, your problems with bacteria, viruses and mold will be solved with ease. All their products are safe for humans, buy they still improve the health in your organization or company. Continue reading to discover all the advantages of their products!

Three different generators

This expert offers three different electrochemical activated water generators:

  • EA-systems
  • EC-systems
  • MOW-systems

The EA-systems produce electrochemical activated water for use in the horticulture, agriculture and intensive farming. The EAW-30-C device is the smallest one in their product range and is especially designed to for use in cruise vessels, school buildings, hospitals and universities. Because this system is preset, it is very user-friendly and you only have to use the start/stop option. Their EC-systems are fully automated and you can control them remotely. These machines produce electrolyzed water in various highly computerized production processes, such as hotels and food processing industries. The MOW-systems, which stands for Mixed Oxidant Water, are durable and self-cleaning water generators. These machines are highly efficient and they are designed to produce MOW-solutions for every water distribution treatment system. This specialist provides water generators that are suitable for different industries and every system has its own advantages.

Get in touch with this specialist and learn more about their systems

The electrochemical activated water generators of Aquaox offer various advantages to your business. When you use this system, you will not need conventional chemicals anymore. All their solutions are green and biodegradable and safe for both user and environment. Would you like to know more? Then contact this specialist and learn everything there is to know about their systems!